About us

FOER, Ltd is a Latvian company which operates on solid fuel market since 2003.

We are happy to provide our customers with the best service and high quality products. We will deliver any solid fuel You need to Your house, restaurant, cafeteria, flat, warehouse, shop and any other place.


Since 2003 we are providing our customers with differend kinds of high quality solid fuel and accessories.

Our product range is the following: stacked or bulk firewood, wood briquettes (RUF, PINI&KAY, NESTRO), peat briquettes, wood pellets, coal, fire lighting accessories. We are responsible for the quality of products we deliver! We are situated near Riga center with easy access and free parking. We are happy to provide the exact kind of solid fuel You are looking for! Get in touch now calling by phone or filling an order form!



E-mail: info@foer-malka.lv

kurināmais - briketes


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kurināmais - makla


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kurināmais - ogles

In bulk or bagged, DKO 30-100 mm

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